what is nu form club?...

this concept was born out of an untapped need for easy and thoughtful clothing options. the name is a play off of the word "uniform." we love the concept of re wearing and making the most out of what you already have. the name uniform seemed too ridged, and we want to show how fun sustainable fashion can be. we dropped the 'i' and swapped the 'n' and 'u'. voila.

we know it can be stressful, expensive, and time consuming to curate personal style on a day to day basis. that is magnified as the need to be more sustainable and ethical with what we choose to invest in is increasing exponentially every day. we're here to make sustainability a more integrated part of your life, while giving you options that fit your needs and goals for your personal style. we care about lessening our environmental impact without sacrificing creative self expression of getting dressed. we commend you for your dedication to this kind of lifestyle and want to show our appreciation by giving you discounted rates and offering you exclusive handmade and vintages pieces. whether you like to play it safe or take risks with your personal style, now's the time to try something nu.