artwork by Amber Black - @bambierae 

artwork by Amber Black - @bambierae 

"stone and harper"?

Lucy Stone and Frances Harper. A white woman and a black woman, both born in the 19th century. It was a time so appropriately named by Mark Twain, the "Gilded Age". A time where the economic successes of the country conveniently deflected attention from the devastating social disparities plaguing the country. In this time, slavery, sexism, racism, and many other social injustices were very much the norm. 

In 1847, Lucy Stone set one of the first milestones for women in America by becoming the first woman to earn a college degree in Massachusetts. She went on to champion social justice in many areas, including abolitionism and suffrage. One of the organizations she formed along the way was the American Women's Suffrage Association, which led to significant strides in the right direction. Frances Harper was born free in Baltimore, Massachusetts, and shared the same heart for dismantling the injustices of society. She fought relentlessly for abolition and suffrage, and joined forces with Harper in the AWSA. Stone and Harper, in a time so immersed in racism and discrimination, found solidarity in something bigger than themselves. They worked together to fight for social justice we now take for granted every day. The example for us was set as early as the 1800s, yet we still have such a long way to go. 


This is an initiative. It is one we can all come together and find solidarity in, no matter what gender, race, or culture we come from. The hope is to see more children of all socioeconomic backgrounds and all races learning and growing the creative potential that so often is stifled and even neglected by environments that deem such expression as nonessential. Not only does creativity help children to grow into their personal identities, but it helps them to become more well rounded, mentally stable, and self-assured adults who take ownership of their contributions to society. Every child should have access creative growth, no matter what gender, race, or socioeconomic background. 

With every purchase made at Stone & Harper, 5% will be donated to art and music education for children. With the lack of funding and initiative in the arts, the stage has been set for the community to come together with a common goal. Something as routine as choosing what to wear can become a creative opportunity for you while paving the way for all levels of creative potential to be manifested in generations to come.